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Study trip entire of positive experiences

The best way to accumulate experiences is to travel, and it can change our perspective on countless things.

 Numerous investigations agree on listing specific positive effects of travelling:

  • It stimulates the brain thanks to the novelty and adventure it entails. Body and mind are renewed and distanced from worries, filling our imagination with memories that we will evoke in the future.
  • Broadens perspectives and generates a more positive vision of life.
  • It provides more excellent cultural, historical, geographical and social knowledge, offering the opportunity to soak up the richness of other cultures.
  • Helps develop skills and confidence; A trip teaches you to know and revalue yourself.

Facilitates the understanding and learning of other languages.

Travelling takes on particular importance in the case of children and adolescents. It favours their development as people and the management of their social behaviours. It encourages collaboration and teamwork, cares for the environment, and provides them with maturity in their problem-solving abilities. It also helps them experience greater independence, raise their levels of self-esteem and develop dexterity and mental agility skills.

These benefits, along with many others, are not exclusive to long trips; A short getaway can also provide very positive experiences. You need to be motivated.


Effects of travel on health

The advantages of travelling extend to the field of health. Psychologists and therapists highlight the benefits of getting to know other places and other people:

  • It affects stress levels, reduces cortisol in the body, and increases the feeling of well-being. A change in environment positively affects mental and physical ability and helps release tension. An effective way to combat stress is for travel to put us in contact with nature and allow us to exercise and breathe clean air.
  • Enjoying a vacation period can increase life expectancy.
  • A good trip is our best ally against depression. Many psychologists recommend it to their patients to keep them away from loneliness and negative thoughts and to entertain their minds both planning the trip and during it and after its end, with the memories and experiences acquired.
  • Family vacations, end-of-year trips, excursions… can be very beneficial for health, and we must make the most of these positive effects, which are accompanied by many other enriching sensations.
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Travel recommendations during your preparation.

  • Good planning is critical to saving in this regard. Purchase flights at least two months in advance to avoid skyrocketing prices.
  • One of the keys to saving on flight prices is flexibility. If your job allows it, establish a slightly flexible vacation period (which can vary a few days before or after). The difference that there can be in the price of a flight from one day to the next is enormous.
  • Many websites offer flights, but searching one by one is a tremendous job. One of the most helpful travel recommendations is using cheap flight metasearch engines such as Skyscanner, Kayak or Google Flights, which automatically compare prices from most websites. Once you have chosen the flight that best suits you, look for it on the airline’s official website. Sometimes, you can find it cheaper there.